Individual Therapy


 We believe a strong therapeutic relationship is the most important piece of therapy. Our therapists focus on building a foundation of trust and support with each client to create a path for safe exploration. This leads to self understanding that allows for long term healing.
We believe psycho education is a key component of healthy change. Our clinical focus is to educate clients, help them understand why they do what they do and implement skills that facilitate a healthy well being and lifestyle.
In individual therapy, the client meets with a therapist one time per week. We use a team approach to identify goals, process and work toward healthy, sustainable change. Session frequency is adjusted based on the client’s needs and progress. 

Grief & Loss Counseling


 Grief counseling is a specialized therapy designed for clients coping with loss. There are many different forms of loss. Some of the examples include life transitions, end of a relationship or the death of a loved one.
Grief counseling allows clients to explore the loss in a guided setting where feelings can safely be explored. Clients learn about the different types of loss to build understanding with their own. We focus on accommodation skills to work toward giving meaning to the loss in the present. We work with building connections to core feelings by leaning in and out of the grief. There is strong focus on healthy coping and regulation skills to help manage grief and reduce emotional fatigue.   

Trauma Therapy


 A traumatic event is anything the brain considers to be too much to handle. What may be traumatic for one person may not be for another. If you are coping with trauma, it can feel like you’re always in crisis and reactive to everything going on around you.
The reason you feel like you are in crisis is because you are... because your brain thinks you are...even when there is no indication of a real, actual threat to your safety.
In trauma treatment, clients learn how traumatic events change the operation of the brain, and how your brain is actually acting in good faith to keep you safe.
Clients learn a series of skills to teach safety to the brain in the present.
Trauma treatment is highly effective in helping the brain learn to experience life outside of the crisis. This allows for healthy and rational experiences where a person can respond to what is in front of them instead of reacting. 

Life coaching


 Life coaching is a partnership between coach and client that works in the present and focuses on building and achieving goals for the future. It’s focus is to break unhealthy belief patterns that inhibit positive change. Motivational techniques are used to build confidence, find purpose and gain insight into a healthy and fulfilling life.
Life coaching can benefit clients dealing with motivational difficulties, self doubt, procrastination, feeling lost, needing direction with a career or those looking to make a significant change in their lives. 

Couples/marriage therapy


 Relationships work in patterns of rupture and repair. There are ruptures in every type of relationship we have. Problems can arise when there are too many ruptures and not enough repair. Couples counseling is designed to help partners communicate effectively, learn each other’s needs, heal issues from the past and rehabilitate the relationship.